Network Science in K-16 Practice and Policy

Network Science in Informal Education

New Directions in Learning Science

Developing Metrics for Effective Educational Collaboration Networks


Catherine Cramer (New York Hall of Science, USA)

Stephen Uzzo (New York Hall of Science, USA)

Hiroki Sayama (SUNY Binghamton, USA)

Peter Pollner (ELTE, Hungary)

H. Eugene Stanley (Boston University, USA)

Paul Trunfio (Boston University, USA)


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For more information on NetSciEd3 contact Catherine Cramer (ccramer@nysci.org)

For more information on the previous, and more recent, NetSciEd symposiums go here.

The Second NetSci Satellite Symposium on Network Science in Education: NetSciEd2

NetSci 2013 followed the success of the first NetSciEd held last year. NetSci 2013 took place onJune 3rd at the Technical University of Copenhagen, and focused on how to expand network science-oriented educational outreach on a global scale. NetSciEd2 seeked to identify trends in the use of network science to investigate the structure of educational networks, as well as exploring how to infuse network science into teaching and learning environments to help inform education policy.