NetSciEd (Network Science in Education) is an international initiative whose central goal is to raise the level of network literacy for everyone by bringing network science into teaching and learning. 


NetSciEd has evolved in response to escalating activity in the field of network science, and the urgent need for citizens to be able to access the field through education channels. NetSciEd reflects the multiple efforts underway in pursuit of this goal: intensive workshops for students, introductory workshops open to the public, participation in public science festivals, professional development for teachers, development of network literacy principles, curriculum development, YouTube videos and online courses – plus much more, all of which you will find here.



"Network Literacy: Essential Concepts and Core Ideas" is now available in 20 different languages!


Who Is The Most Important Character in Frozen? What Networks Can Tell us About The World.


The 2023 Network Science  and Education symposium  will be held on July 11, 2023 In Vienna, Austria

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